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mardi 27 mai 2014, par Mathilde Vautier.

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Wednesday 4th June 2014

8.30am Welcome at the Maison de l’Université

9am Opening of the conference

9.30am Introductory speech by François Laplantine, « Urban atmospheres. From perception to writing. »

11am Session 1 – Choreographic processes in public spaces
Moderation : Betty Lefèvre

11am Corinne Luxembourg, « When dance reveals the living styles of the street »

11.20am Hélène Bruneaux, « Plurality of engagements and reciprocities in action in urban choreography mechanisms. »

11.40am Tim White, « Fabrication and figuration »

12.00am Discussions with the audience


2pm Session 2 – The choreographic making of the street
Moderation : Pascal Roland

2pm Hee Kyung Lee, « Dance the glance, do the street. Perception as a way of linking body arts with public spaces »

2.20pm Blake Morris, « Hamish Fulton : The Movement of the Medium »

2.40pm Alix de Morant, « Lieu d’Être : from a phalanstery to a familistery, a choreographical manifesto for the utopia of living »

3pm Anna McDonald, « Containing the street in This is for you »

3.20pm Discussions with the audience

4.05pm Session 3 – Cinematic looks
Moderation : Emmanuel Leclercq

4.05pm David McCormick, « Cycle Stories »

4.45pm Audrey Jean-Baptiste, « Looking for »

5.05pm Discussions with the audience

5.30pm Fin de la première journée - déplacement vers l’Atelier 231

Soiree at Atelier 231

6.45pm Welcome reception at Atelier 231
7.30pm Diner for the participants (reservations required)
8.30pm Performance of Studies for C by Candoco Dance Company
9pm Performance of Invisible Lines, by Saffy Setohy
9.30pm Performance of The Baina Trampa Fritz Fallen (work-in-progress) by G.Bistaki

Thursday 5th June 2014

9am Welcome at the Maison de l’Université

9.30am Session 4 – Dancing and performing the public space
Moderation : Odette Louiset

9.30am Joelle Coasne, « Participative projects of the Turbulentes outdoor arts festival. Relationship between choreographer, spect-actor and audiences : what is shared in the creation process ? »

9.50am Sylvie Rouxel, « What can party and festival spaces have to offer dancing
Influenced bodies or what social and spatial conditions are required to dance together ? »

10.10am Sophie Le Coq, « Dance in the city : raising awareness about non-functionnal “takes” on the city. »

10.30am Susan Haedicke, « Art, Activism, Affect : Democratic Performatives and Performances in Public Spaces »

10.50am Discussions with the audience

11.30am Session 5 – Artists’ view and approach
Moderation : Daniel Andrieu

Stine Nilsen, Candoco Dance Company, « Candoco dance company-an intimate experience outdoors »
Florent Bergal, G Bistaki, « The available and necessary means of expression for the street and its inhabitants... »
Saffy Setohy, « An Introduction to Invisible Lines »


2pm Session 6 – Spatial choreographies and appropriations
Moderation : Magali Sizorn

2pm Sarah Andrieu, « The street as a place to be reconquered by global choreography. When contemporary Burkinabe dancing comes "home". »

2.20pm Rachid Mendjeli, « ICI ON N’APPLAUDIT PAS ! The ethnography, choreography and theatricality of bodies on the Jama’ al Fna square in Marrakech. »

2.40pm Agathe Dumont, « Between la rue Curial and la rue d’Aubervilliers.
N° 104 in Paris, a place to visit and new uses for hip-hop dancers »

3pm Suzy Willson, « Red Ladies - a unique response to the architecture and the people of the city »

3.20pm Discussions with the audience

3.50pm Session 7 – Personal experience, artistic experience
Moderation : Pascal Roland

3.50pm John Lee, « The Maggot in the Apple : the use of everyday life in creating choreography for the street »

4.10pm Aurore Heidelberger, « The street seen as a choreographic constraint by Jean Gaudin »

4.30pm Olu Taïwo, « Urban butoh »

4.50pm Discussions with the audience

5.10pm Conclusion

Practical information

Free admission to the conference and shows.

Registration online on

Maison de l’Université
Place Emile Blondel
76130 Mont-Saint-Aignan
+33 (0)

Atelier 231
1 rue Denis Papin (entrée rue Vincent Auriol)
76300 Sotteville-lès-Rouen
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