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Workshop led by Maresa Von Stockert - Review

Monday 31 March 2014, by Mathilde Vautier.

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From 17th to 19th March, a dozen students from UBO (Brest University - Master in Culture Management), Institut de GéoArchitecture, EESAB (Brest Fine arts school) and University of Winchester, took part in a workshop held on Brest central square, Place de la Liberté, and led by choreographer Maresa Von Stockert.

The participating students chose two materials to work with: cardboard and vinyls. They used the two types of objects to ask questions about the square and engage with the passerbys. The idea was to draw attention from people walking past and invite them to look at what they usually don’t look at. This approach encourages questioning, sharing ideas and looking at the Place de la Liberté and the public space in general from a different angle.

To guide their ideas and better understand people’s opinions about the square, the students interviewed a few people but also created a Facebook page « place de la liberté - Brest » in which they posted an online questionnaire. A video of the experimentation is available on the internet (soon available).

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