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Loos-en-Gohelle 2014 : culture in question...indeed

jeudi 18 décembre 2014, par Mathilde Vautier.

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« European must learn that, together, they can hold high their model of a society based on the social State and their national and cultural diversity".*

This quote, brought by Thomas Perrin, keynote speaker at the event, summerises what the 70+ participants at the ’England-France : Culture in question’ Conference have debated on in Loos-en-Gohelle, on 9th and 10th December 2014.

The welcome hospitality from Culture Commune and the moments to share and network between plenary and workshop sessions all contributed to make space to learn from one another, discuss the construction of culture in Europe, and see how to potentially build it together...

...Whilst enjoying a few artistic interventions from company On Off, whose 4 singers, two French and two UK-based, delivered songs to the participants, in the language of Molière or the language of Shakespeare ; or from performing arts students collective Push Plus, whose ’food orgy’ "Bouchée à la reine" has not ruin the participants’ appetite...

After presenting a background of cultural development and related policies in Europe, Thomas Perrin, Lecturer, showed that, despite being ’squeezed’ between innovation, education and creative industries, culture still has a role to play in the forthcoming 2014-2020 period.

Thie conference was also an opportunity to look at one’s own practices : researchers HeeKyung Lee and Nuala Morse fed back their observation and analysis on some aspects of ZEPA 2.
HeeLyung emphasised on the necessary humility partners need to develop joint actions, and with partners across the Channel.
Nuala explained the concept of ’décalage’ produced by the crossborder cultural actions and outreach in local areas in the UK and the notions of play, emotions and social participation it carries.

It is not that easy to discuss themes that, in the first instance, have not got a direct link with culture. However, most discussions in break-out groups were very interesting. No specific answers were found on the themes of culture and local development, trans-sector work, education and natural environement, but the way participants shared experiences shows that cultural organisations are ’geared up’ to building tomorrow’s crossborder culture. Cultural innovation will emerge through meeting and sharing. And once again, this modest conference tried to play its bit towards it.

A synthesis of the presentations and discussions will be developed by Floriane Gaber, journalist and outdoor arts specialist and will be poste to the ZEPA 2 website in early January 2015.

* Bofinger/Habermas/Nida-Rümelin, Le Monde 27/08/2012.
Photos : Estelle Coquerel, Anne Delétoille

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