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Les Cubiténistes

jeudi 3 juillet 2014, par Mathilde Vautier.

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Greetings from...Waterlooville, Havant, Basingstoke and Borden !

  • In Waterlooville, on Saturday 14th June 2014...The name of the town has a heavy historical background for the French, but nothing will put off French company Les Cubiténistes to start the Hat Fair Out There tour across Hampshire over the last 3 weekends of June 2014.

The aim of their presence in that particular estate in Waterlooville (the Wimpy estate) is to start building links between community members of this new estate.

And that’s exactly what les Cubiténistes are good at ! Between Alain Fraud, the company’s co-director, who has the gift of the gab, Marie Demicheli, co-director, and her constant gentleness, Jean-Marie Carrel, the only one who speaks the Shakespeare language, and their 3 fellow Cubiténistes, the company did make an impression on the thirty-odd people who took part in the Museum of everyday life ! No doubt they will be talking about these French UFOs for a while !

  • In Havant, the day after, the company decided to go and meet directly the local community, in the streets, cafes, arts gallery, etc., emphasising the rich variety of people and places in the town.
  • In Basingstoke, on 20th and 21st June 2014, as part of the Basingstoke festival, the aim was different : the local community members were at the heart of the project, since they created the frames and other support materials for the Museum of Everyday life photos themselves.

Well done to those who made Hat Fair Out There possible !

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