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Générik Vapeur is getting ready.

vendredi 6 septembre 2013, par Julia Duchemin.

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Following a week long residency in Peterborough, Générik Vapeur and their volunteers are getting ready for the Peterborough invasion.

Rehearsals have started for The Peterborough Invasion, the show in situ the company will be performing on Saturday 7th September 2013 as part of the Peterborough Arts Fest .

During the first one, the young volunteers were extremely enthusiast. A group of young ladies from parkour and martial arts classes showed the artists just how determined and capable they were. Three members from Générik were there and were able to focus on leading the training process.

The second rehearsal was more serious. The sun was high and strong and the new recruits realised how much work a show required : in addition to the acrobatics and the order of the show, they mustn’t forget to act properly and make sure they are safe regarding the audience and their physical activity. "The second one is always the hardest" said Générik artists Laurent, Popé and Vincent, who are sure the last and full rehearsal will be a good one and that the volunteers will be ready.

The rest of the company arrived today (all 20 of them) and everybody has been very busy around the Key Theatre corridors since this morning. The weather switched to gray and wet, forcing Générik back inside for a few moments. The artists are accelerating their pyrotechnic preparation hoping to avoid being rained upon and having to carry on indoors.

The serious business will start this afternoon with the full rehearsal featuring the complete cast (artists and volunteers), leading to the city invasion, Saturday à 7pm.

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