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Buí Bolg on the road to France : an aquatic garden in the middle of the Vieilles Charrues music festival.

mercredi 17 juillet 2013, par Julia Duchemin.

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The famous Vieilles Charrues music festival starts tomorrow, Thursday 18th July 2013, and even though the festival-goers have not arrived yet, the place is buzzing with activity.

Every year, the National Center for Street Arts le Fourneau and the Vieilles Charrues association join forces to propose music and outdoor arts to the people of Carhaix and of the festival.

In 2013 again, the Verger (= the orchard) as a theatrical islet in the ocean of the music festival, will receive outdoor arts companies : this year, there will be 8 companies presenting performances to the ones who will be seeking a safe haven in the musical tempest of the festival.

The Verger – a garden of wonders where “extravagant madness seeds are grown” on the Kérampuilh site – will be transformed into a world underwater by the artists of the Irish company Buí Bolg. Flowered seaweeds, treasure chests, seahorses, crustaceans and a naiad will sail the garden into a poetic universe and set the scenery for us to be submerged into an aquatic otherworld.

This garden will open on Friday afternoon. It is the first of many steps in the collaboration between the Fourneau and Buí Bolg this year : they have already worked together in the past, and many more treats are yet to come !

If you’re in France and looking for Buí Bolg, you will be able to find them on the Jeudi du Port in Brest (25th July), on the Picnic on the Bridge in Relecq-Keruon (15th September) and in a new collaboration with the city of Brest.

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