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Bash Street Theatre meets Norman communities

jeudi 1er août 2013, par Julia Duchemin.

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July is coming to an end, and already Bash Street Theatre company has performed in 8 festivals of the Z’Amis network and in 2 towns as part of the Tortill’arts festival. From Granville to Vire up to Bagnoles de l’Orne and Ouville-la-Rivière, Atelier 231’s local partners have made it possible for Norman people to come and meet this UK company.

With each performance came a workshop, a meet-the-artist session or a tea time to facilitate encounters between local communities and the UK artists… which all enjoyed !

This artistic journey through Normandy will be the subject of a text to be written by journalist Antoine Boyer. Bash Street performers themselves will also document their adventure as they were handed over a "travel book" that they can feel free to write in as they go along.

The next shows for Bash Street in Normandy will be :


Ouville-la-Rivière, 16 juillet 2013
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