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The projects developped in partnership with the universities involved in the European Zone of Artistic Projects are a key element of the ZEPA 2 project.

ZEPA 2 University meeting, oct. 2011

This strand came through:
- The realisation that there is a need for more research work on outdoor arts;
- The Brighton Symposium for ZEPA in 2011, which allowed representatives from the universities of Winchester, Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens), Artois and Bretagne Occidentale (Brest) to meet and to express their willingness to develop links between their universities within an established European network;
- The need to encourage students, researchers and teachers mobility and to increase professionnal skills for students by involving them in artistic university-based transnational activities.

Together and in partnership with the ZEPA 2 partners, the universities of the European Zone of Artistic Projects will:

  • Develop research through the organisation of seminars and conferences
  • Set up arts workshops for students
  • Facilitate artistic cross border university exchanges

Six associate universities

-  University of Winchester (one of the seven ZEPA 2 partners)
-  University of Artois
-  University of Bretagne Occidentale (Brest)
-  University of Rouen
-  University of Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens)
-  University of Peterborough
ZEPA 2 Universities

Observation and analysis of the projects by two post-graduate researchers

Two post graduate researchers, one from the UK and one French will follow the various artistic actions of the project to analyse their socio-economic impact in the areas they are held.
Their role will be to collect data and analyse it to provide a final research work at the end of ZEPA 2.

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